Friday 25 October 2019

Hugbunter is the founder of dread

Hugbunter is a reddit user who has gained immense fame over the past year. In the year 2018 when reddit banned a lot of its forums and communities online, this user decided to take advantage of it. Yes. Positively, this user took advantage of it and made sure that ban was the brainchild behind some uniquely mimicked forums like dread link. When this reddit user inspired by the ban of ‘darknetmarkets’ subreddit, it has become clear that other amazing ideas have come out of it. Dread is one of them.
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Dread was created or founded as a forum to ensure that visitors of the forums that reddit banned do not feel the heat so much. Dread for instance that was created by hugbunter offers users with all main or major reddit features. The actual difference between these two forums is censorship. The actual goal of dread that was founded is to provide censorship free forums. However, it also provides you with other services. They offer you with services such as market penetration testing and market development or hosting assistance.

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