Friday 25 October 2019

Important tips for immigration medical

After giving the medical examination, you wish to track the progress as well. They will provide you an information sheet as well which has your case number and the picture.
You can track the progress using this case number. Mostly the immigration services provide the online tracking system to the users.
You will know from there whether you are accepted or rejected.
Booking process
The booking process of these panels is easy; you can easily visit and get their services. The large groups are recommended to get the appointment from their office.
Report copy
The complete report is at their desk; you can ask for it from the office and keep it with yourself as a record.
Different tests
They will conduct different tests of the immigrants which also include the blood tests, make sure that you are ready to give your blood samples to them.
The complete examination of the nose, heart, lungs, and eye is also part of the medical test. Complete checkup of other organs is also part of this medical examination,
The X-rays and the blood test for Syphilis and HIV are an important part of it. They will also conduct your urine test for immigration.

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