Friday, 24 April 2020

How to fulfil rights of poor and donate zakat

If you donate zakatto orphans and are not sure about the process or benefits, you need to know that not only do you feel good about the compassion but it also adds to the people contributing to the social justice. This sends a message of humanity from the Muslim ummah and makes it easy for everyone in capitalist society to survive. This also serves as an inspiration to those people who want to do good deeds and want to serve others who are less privileged. This accounts for a system of individual to be hold accountable for their actions in front of Allah Almighty.
How is donating zakat fulfilling the rights of the poor?
There is something that you need to understand well before you pay zakat or intend to do so. This is not a favor that you are doing upon someone. Islam clearly says that the poor have the right over the money of those who earn more and are more privileged. This means the duty falls on you to donate zakat 2020. Now it is very common to confuse it with charity. It is important to note that charity and zakat are very different mainly because one of them is voluntarily and one is not. Understand how charity totally depends on whether you want to do it or not, zakat is an obligation that requires you to separate the share of poor every year. It is a portion of your money that does not belong to you but the needy class of society.
Do I have to give zakat and how?
Zakat is an obligation on anyone who has enough wealth that does not make him less privileged to be able to help. This limit is known as Nisab. This limit has been fixed to ensure the duty falls on only those who can afford to donate zakat. Understand how Allah does not reward you directly for paying taxes and it is not even exclusive to you as a privileged person. Everyone pays in taxes. Same way, zakat allows you to take out some share but this share is annually and God directly rewards you. Understand how ignoring it counts as a sin on your part and denying it is highly discouraged by Islam and has been considered as the act of disbelievers.

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