Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Popular Locations for Walk Through Gates

Millions of people around the world walk through metal detector gates every day. Not only the airports, but also government agencies, jewelry stores, casinos, night clubs and a lot of other venues uses these gates to enhance security level and to ensure the safety of every one present. A light weight, portable walk through metal detector is advisable for you if you intend to move it quite frequent or use it on multiple locations. Contrarily, if you are not intending to move it, buying a fixed metal detector gate is the right choice.

With the advancement in technology, there is a great visible change you can see in the field of metal detectors as well. Keeping things simple, there are single zone and multi zone walk through metal detectors. Now what is the main difference in between the two? The first type only detects if you are carrying any type of metal with you or not. The second type pinpoints the body part on which you are carrying the metal body. So before you choose any model for your establishment, you must know the exact purpose the detector will be used for. One more thing to keep in mind is, if you are going to place the unit outdoor, it must be weather proof.          

A walk through magnetometer creates big magnetic field that cover all the room available within the rectangular archway of the walkthrough metal detector. A normal magnetometer based walkthrough gate sends almost 120 pulses in a second. This count can vary from one model to another and the precision level the machine is designed for. When a person crosses walk through magnetometer and the security alarm sets on, the security personal gets the information about the person hiding a gun or a knife. The latest metal detector gates are far more advanced and have made the work easier for the operators.

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