Sunday, 26 April 2020

How to Set Up a Proxy or Proxy Server

Can you imagine life without an internet connection? What kind of life will that be? Just as water and food us essential for living, an internet connection is also important to live. No business can be coordinated; no information can be gotten; no knowledge can be acquired without the internet. The internet is part of human life. 95% if the world's population uses the internet daily. As the internet users keep increasing in number, so are the numbers of spams and hackers. To keep your devices and PC safe from hackers, viruses and other spyware, you must install antivirus and buy proxy. This antivirus software will war against any kind of virus that might want to attack your PC.

After the installation of antivirus software, the next thing to do is to enjoy your installed proxy. A proxy is a site or software that searches the internet for harm and protect your PC from being infiltrated by concealing your IP address and information. It serves as a liaison between the site you are surfing and your PC. Before you decide to buy proxies and go on internet exploration, you must know how the proxy works.

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